Drakes Brook

Drakes Brook Trail [WVAIA]

This MODERATE hike ascends the Drakes Brook Ravine to the Sandwich Mountain Trail. From there it’s a short distance to Jennings Peak [3460 ft]. It’s often used as the descending link in a loop over Noon Peak.

The trail begins on a gated USFS road, at the northwest corner of the Drakes Brook parking lot, as part of the Lower Fletchers X-C Ski Trail. It follows the brook beneath a high canopy for a short distance, and then leaves the roadbed turning right, crossing Drakes Brook at a wide section that is difficult in high water. It then follows the path of the brook over generally flat terrain for a good distance, before it starts to ascend, gradually at first, with good footing, and then more steeply, where it ends at the Sandwich Mountain Trail.