Reporting Trail Issues

Occasionally while out for a hike on our wonderful trails, you’ll come across an issue that makes a trail impassable or difficult to navigate. You may also find other things that don’t seem right. For example, someone’s created a campsite or fire ring, left an inordinate amount of trash or vandalized a trail sign.

If and when you find one of these issues, you may contact the WVAIA to report it. The WVAIA will coordinate a response between our volunteers, the applicable trail adopter and/or the Forest Service depending on the necessary remediation required.

Please contact the WVAIA at and try to provide the following information:

  1. Trail Name
  2. Approximate distance from the trail head
  3. Type of issue i.e. Blow down blocking the trail, wash out etc
  4. As much detail as possible. i.e. If a blowdown, how big around is it

Thank you so much for helping us keep our trails in great shape.