Welch-Dickey Loop

Welch-Dickey Loop Trail [WVAIA]

This MODERATE hike is one of the area’s most popular hikes, offering fantastic views from many locations along its mostly rock-faced trail. It passes over both summits: Welch Mountain [2606], and Dickey Mountain [2734 ft.].

The trail begins at the parking lot off of Orris Road, just past the Gateway condominiums on Upper Mad River Road. Bearing right at the beginning, it crosses a brook and traverses the foothills of Welch Mountain, and then begins to ascend by switchbacks, coming out onto “Welch Ledge,” after 45 minutes, where there are great views of the Mad River valley. From there, the trail rises more steeply among the rocks, with several difficult passages up the ledges, eventually crossing over the Welch summit, and continuing down into the col between the two peaks. After a short wooded section of conifers, it ascends steeply up to the Dickey summit, and then traces the rock ledge back into the woods. It gradually descends a mature hardwood forest back down to the parking lot.