The Trails

There are 22.9 miles of trails within the network of WVAIA hiking trails, almost all of which lie within the White Mountain National Forest. There is a wide variety of trails that range from Easy to Difficult, with unique mountain features, such as picturesque cascades, a remote flume, a plethora of rivers, brooks and rills [not surprising in a place called Waterville Valley], glacial erratics, stunning slides, and, of course, fantastic views.

The White Mountain National Forest [WMNF] owns all the trails in the White Mountain National Forest. Groups such as the WVAIA, or “Cooperators,” volunteer to work with the Forest Service to maintain sections of the Forest for which they have a certain dedicated interest; therefore, beside each trail name, in the descriptions below, it is indicated whether the trail is maintained by the WVAIA or the WMNF.

The WVAIA publishes a detailed topographic map of this trail network which you may purchase. Go to our resources page to find shops that sell the map.

Here are descriptions of the WVAIA trails
Easy trails Moderate trails More Difficult trails Difficult trails

Alphabetical listing of all trails