Wilderness First Aid 2021


Click for info (registration link in PDF) for 2021 WFA Training ———————————————————————————

Seating is limited and can only be secured by registration and payment via
Should the class become sold out, you may request to be placed on a waiting list by writing to wvaiatrails@gmail.com

For those who may be coming from out of town, WVAIA is working with Snowy Owl who is offering special rates on room and dining. Please read all below.


Snowy Owl Inn is proud to support the WVAIA Wilderness First Aid training program by offering trainees 20% off our regular room rates and 20% off dining at the Snowy Owl Pub & Restaurant.

To reserve your room call 603-236-8383 or visit www.snowyowlinn.com and click on the Check Availability option. Before selecting your dates and rooms look for Rate Options and enter the code SOLO21 or use this link: https://us01.iqwebbook.com/SOINH210/~/?coupon=SOLO21&arrivalDate=Fri,%20Nov%2005%202021&departureDate=Sun,%20Nov%2007%202021.

NOTE: The 20% may not appear here but it will be applied at checkin.

Also provide this code to your server when dining at the Snowy Owl Pub & Restaurant during your stay.

This code is only good for participants of the WVAIA Wilderness First Aid course and you may be asked to provide proof of registration. Offer is valid between November 5th and November 8th.

Email:         wvaiatrails@gmail.com

Web:           www.wvaia.org 
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/WVAIA