Goodrich Rock Trail

Goodrich Rock Trail [WVAIA]
This is a MODERATE trail that winds creatively through a field of large boulders. It ends on top of the largest boulder [2250 ft], ascended by a tall ladder, where there are great views of the valley peaks, and down the Mad River valley.

It begins off the Greeley Ponds Trail about 30 minutes from the parking lot. It climbs somewhat steeply at first, steadily up to a set of stone and wooden steps. From there, it levels off, crosses a small brook and begins to encounter the Davis Boulders, a favorite destination for children. It passes through broken-open chunks of granite and under a cave-like passageway. After a set of stepping-stones across a wetland area, it traverses a conifer forest, and eventually circles around to the ladder that brings you to the top of Goodrich Rock. As this is a frequently traveled destination, hikers are asked to be careful of the outcrop communities of lichen and balsam trees growing in this precipitous habitat.